CU Succeed Teen Club

Where Teenagers learn to save!!

FTWCCU’s CU Succeed is where teens from age 13 through 17 learn about finances and savings.



  • Only $5 to open an account
  • Earns interest
  • CU Succeed Teens Account (Age 13-17)
  • CU Succeed Teens Financial Network
  • CU Succeed Teens Newsletter
  • CU Succeed Teens Savings Account
  • CU Succeed Teens Checking Account with Mastercard Debit Card
    • Requirements: Texas ID, or Provisional Driver License, or Military ID
  • 6 Month Certificate of Deposit (Minimum $500 to Open)
  • 12 Month Certificate of Deposit (Minimum $500 to Open)
  • Automatic Allowance Transfers from Parents/Co-Signer Account