Auto Buying Tips

Here are some convenient tips that will make your next vehicle purchase easier! Saving you time and money!

  1. Research prices of specific cars to be sure the asking price is reasonable. Buying a used car? Get a CARFAX vehicle history report.
  2. Shop for financing just like you should for the car. Be realistic about the monthly payment you can live with. (Check out our rates. We will loan for up to 72 months...which keeps your monthly payment lower!)
  3. Contact FTWCCU and let us help you get pre-approved. You'll be able to make a better deal and buy with confidence.
  4. If you are interested in an extended warranty, then you should shop around just like you did for the car. In most cases, an extended warranty takes over when the manufacturer warranty expires. In some cases however, they do not - a five-year extended warranty may in actuality, turn out to be a two-year if you have a three-year manufacturer warranty.
  5. Shop more than one dealer before buying. Beware of sales people who say they're not making any money on the deal.
  6. Be willing to walk away...particularly IF you feel like you are being pressured. NEVER sign a deal on the first trip!
  7. It's very important that everything promised be written into the contract. Don't feel pressured to sign paperwork until you're completely satisfied and understand what you've agreed to.
  8. Get copies of all the paperwork, especially anything you signed.


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