Member Rewards Credit Card

Feeling picky? (Perfect.)

With your new reward credit card you can pick the perks you earn from everyday purchases. 

Earn a point for every dollar you spend, plus get bonus points on certain purchases. The best part? You choose your rewards; everything from charitable donations, to merchandise, to travel experiences. 

  • No annual fee
  • No balance transfer fee
  • Free MobiMoney App (Alerts and control of your credit card)
  • Track your points online
  • 24 hour account access
  • Online statements and payments
  • Continuous fraud monitoring for FREE
  • World wide convenience


Member Rewards Credit Card Agreement

Member Rewards Credit Card Disclosure


Report a Lost or Stolen Credit Card

To report a lost, stolen or damaged credit card, call the Credit Union immediately at

(800) 817-8234or after hours, call (800) 442-4757.